Sunday, June 29, 2014

The barefoot piano contessa

She is now called the family's Cecile Likod because of the low-cut dress she wore (just the back). With apologies to the great Cecile Licad, the pianist in our family, Bianca Ysabel Lolarga Susi, recently earned the moniker "C. Likod," a witty invention of her older sister Marga. Bianca, Binky to me when she was a baby (her mother was our Pinky), now Bianx for short, just finished her recital in her family's Antipolo home yesterday with an audience of cheering relatives and family friends.

For love of music and in their desire to continue Bianca's musical education, Marga and her Susi cousins embarked on a fund-raising project: a recital in the family abode with home-baked goodies served afterwards. I missed the tertulia because of some Baguio commitments.

Times being the way they are, sometimes piano lessons or any extra-curricular activity that has to do with the arts are considered a luxury. But they shouldn't be perceived that way. To me the arts are what makes a nation great so they should be a national priority. Children and youth who show a passion for music and the arts should be given the support they need.

Anyway, I think Bianx is assured of lessons for the next couple of months. Her immediate family thanks the donors and the others who made pledges.

Meanwhile, here are photos taken by my youngest sister Gigi of Bianx in rehearsal and in performance.

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