Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We are family

That's life. One day you're just chewing biscuits and nuts and chugging down room-temperature water, next day you're part of a feast for a princess. The princess is our youngest child Ida who, as I write, is already flying back to Singapore after a too-short visit marked by big family meals.

There were reasons for us who were in Baguio to come down to celebrate the multiple occasions: Ida's homecoming, Kimi's 29th birthday, the forthcoming Father's Day. But land trips can be boring after awhile so I played with the old reliable digicam and attempted some selfies. Kimi had always discouraged me from doing selfies because my face almost always was cropped heavily or it looked abnormally wide.

It's to her credit that she hit on the idea of a staycation at the new Tune Hotel along Shaw Blvd., Ortigas Center, just five minutes by cab from Mom's house (look for its red and white signage). She booked us early so we had adjoining rooms at a budget price. Shangri-La Plaza and SM Megamall, where we had two consecutive dinners, were within walking distance.

Old couple in a bus amuse themselves with a selfie.

First reunion dinner at Ketttle at Shang's East Wing. That's Ida in a white top with floral necklace, always well put together like her Tatay. Beside her Kimi and Kai who fell asleep immediately after dinner.

The girls knew what and how to order. Corn muffins paired with buttermilk fried chicken with two kinds of dips: old-fashioned brown gravy and maple syrup. The syrup won us.

The truffle-infused pasta with gorgonzola cheese before the serving plate emptied fast
Ida and Rolly were at Boqueria early, and we caught them enjoying their beers in mason glass jars.

Kai can be a handful during that lull between ordering and waiting for our orders to be served. Good thing my sister Suzy carries this magnifying glass in her purse.

Thumbs up for the calamares (top) and the paella Madrilena.

Our completeness completes me. And we're even color-coordinated without planning it. See you again, Ida.
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