Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It happened Sunday last

Old-young media pal Fe Zamora posted this pic of me at work in Twitter; it was also retweeted by the Inquirer Group. The many stars it got, to mean that particular tweet was "favorited" (equivalent of the "Like" button in Facebook), again proved that social media can reach many people, all unknown to me. I should take a tutorial with Fe sometime. Thanks, pal! Photo by Fe Zamora

The event at Fully Booked's flagship store in Bonifacio Global City that Fe was referring to in her "Happening now" tweet Photos by Babeth Lolarga

This is how much I over-prepare for workshops. The plastic bin is packed with paper, envelopes, art materials, a silver bell that I ring when the time is up for an exercise. The pink bag is my book bag of references that I share with participants in case they finish their work early and have time to browse through the books. As for the ladybug, I like to put an element of surprise in my workshops.

Nice mix of young and aging adults, all professionals, some retired but refusing to describe themselves as such. To me that's a good thing--it just means they haven't given up on life and learning.

By your students you'll be taught. The combined wisdom of these women busy on their exercise for the afternoon will astonish future readers. One of them cancelled a trip to Sri Lanka because of a foot injury and signed up for the workshop instead.

Exercising another part of the brain by hands-on art-making makes every workshop more fun. A participant discovers how liberating to use a simple exercise like making a series of frottage to find the words to write.

Happy colors, happy person, the kind who can write lightheartedly and humorously about the series of falls that had happened in her life. May this recent one be the last. A seatmate and friend told her, "No more falls. I don't want to be visiting you in the hospital every time."

Like visiting the city of love (Paris), handwriting a letter to someone special is always a good idea.

Class picture with our principal Neni Sta. Romana Cruz (seated, leftmost) and the 15 participants. Photo by Aina Cruz

While the workshop kids were busy, the girls in the staff and two observers caught up with one another's life and gossiped delightedly. From left: Neni, Fe, Babeth and Glenda Garcia-Togonon, legal counsel of the Philippine General Hospital. Photo by Nikolai S. Agcaoili

Mariel Francisco has a workshop coming in March. Save the date for those who are keen to know about the seven stages of life and how awareness of these can ease you into writing.
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