Friday, February 13, 2015

Marissa's Mediterranean

Marissa Gonzalez's hand-painted work on jusi (Philippine silk), "Palacio de Musica, Barcelona," measures 93 x 127 cm. It was part of the artist's recent exhibit "Under the Mediterranean Skies" at ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum, Makati City.

The e-vite from the Ayala Museum looked sumptuous because of the hand of painter Marissa Gonzalez. I know little of the artist who is based in Europe. It was infatuation at first sight when I actually beheld her Mediterranean series at an art hop I treated myself to in Makati.

I took some photos for my private delectation and this blog, but someone from the gallery cut me and said I could only take shots of a few pieces, not the entire show. I had to explain that I wasn't going to print these pictures of the artist's wall hangings and use them commercially. Anyway, I bought me a set of Ms. Gonzalez's cards with blank envelopes in a pretty stationery box. Paper person, that's what I am.

How I wished that her show was up at the Art Fair Philippines across from the street. The four-day fair attracted a huge crowd of artists, art students, art aficionados, collectors and other kindred spirits. As an occasional painter, I would like my works to be seen by as many as possible. On the other hand, it was just as well Ms. Gonzalez's show was where it was, tucked in a quiet space where one could almost feel the Mediterranean sky crowning one's head.

For those who missed "Under the Mediterranean Skies," I'm sharing mementos caught by my camera. Or visit

"Florentine Fountain," 93 x 126 cm.

"Blanca and the Manton de Manila," 93 x 114 cm.

"The Trees Tilework," 93 x 122 cm.

"Wisteria Lane," 93 x 122 cm.

"Albarracin," 93 x 73 cm.

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