Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The doctor is in the house

Our version of Doc McStuffins arrived yesterday. I realized how tall she has grown when I learned she could reach up and press the doorbell. When she hugged me, I felt I was hugging a big child from her strong squeeze as she hugged me back. But she still loves to play pretend. Her Granny Su (my sister Suzy) brought out the stuffed toys and that kept The Wee One busy for awhile.

She didn't bring her toy medical kit in her luggage from Baguio. So the real doctor in the house, her Lolo Doc Dennis, lent his stethoscope, Granny Su her magnifying glass and mini flashlight, and off she flew with her imagination. She looked at Suzy's hand and diagnosed, "You have a splinter!" You can imagine how proud her Booboo was at her growing vocabulary. Photos by Booboo Babeth
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