Monday, June 10, 2013

Her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and her mouth...

Any stay-home or "staycationing" grandma will tell you that it's exhausting to keep up with a toddler. Sometimes I imagine that what keeps these kids going can later be harnessed into some form of energy that'll power engines and appliances.

No wonder toddler classes are short--an hour long, three hours max. Even the most patient, Job-like teacher is pooped after 60 minutes with eight of these kids. 

Yes, I am the voice of experience. What has helped me is I try to be inventive with our activities together. I told our little ball of energy I'd take photos of parts of her body. She seemed open to the idea of keeping still for a few seconds. I had to work fast. These are the results of one morning of playtime with Kai and her Booboo.
Eyes that tantalize
Ears that tickle
Nose and mouth and teeth and cheeks
Restless hands
The tiny feet that receive my kisses
The soles of an explorer
Model takes a break.
Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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