Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little lessons

She has taught me a thing or two about neatness and orderliness, this tyke I've spent my summer with. And as I prepare to leave her to resume work in the lowlands, I'll take this image with me as a reminder to keep my own little space more, well, tidy. Briefly, I was worried that she may have imbibed the obsessive-compulsive streak in some people she lives with. That may be a good trait to cultivate without sacrificing or stifling the creativity I know lives in her. 

Last night she brought her make-believe mixing bowl by my bed and offered to feed me. But she did it frugally, bringing in a stuffed watermelon, pretending to chop it. "Why only this?" I asked. So she went back to her nursery to return the watermelon and bring in a tomato to "process" before offering it to me. After I pretended to have finished all of it, she took it, returned it to her room, then came back with a kiwi (make believe, too). One at a time. There's a lesson there, too.
By herself, Kai arranged her coloring materials in a row after she was done working with them in her recycled notebook (formerly owned by her Tita Ida).
Photo by Babeth Lolarga
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