Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our hearts belong to Daddy and Tatay

Gigi, my youngest sibling, did this photo collage of Dr. Enrique Lolarga Jr. playing golf, marrying our Mom and simply posing. Gone for 21 years, he is always present in our hearts and in the things we do with purpose and with service in mind.
I thought this would make a good transition photo for the next. Here is Rolly, bent and fully concentrated on reading and editing correspondents' copy, the kind of work that has filled five of his seven days a week. Multiply that with eight hours daily, sometimes more when something major erupts, and you have a formula for advanced aging. Journalism is his passion, and he lives in denial that the passion is becoming archaic because of swift developments in social media.
His family can't complain though because on his day/s off, when he's not inclined to riffle through his stamp and other collections, he takes us out to breathe cleaner air, to eat a generous lunch. Here's looking at you, Tatay! See you at lunch.
Photo collage by Gigi Lolarga
Photos of Rolly Fernandez by Babeth Lolarga
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