Saturday, June 22, 2013

How do you gild your Saturday?

"What do you do to gild the day?" Or in Norwegian, I think this question reads: "Hva gjør dere for å forgylle dagen?"

Call me crazy, and here's my number, but this blogger has seen it fit to add a Norwegian blogger in her play list. That blog is located at: I've relied on Google Translate so I can comprehend her entries. Today I think the Glamorous Librarian (How can I not like her? We share a love for Audrey Hepburn) is off to an adventure to celebrate mid-summer. 
Image of Ms. Hepburn in various hues of blue found in Google+

I make it a point religiously, piously to follow her and other bloggers in my list, and when I miss a new entry, I make sure I'm up to date. Such is my other life in the virtual world.

Of course, I have many things to gild my Saturday with, chief of which is to write what I call a livelihood article. Earlier preparation required mindful reading, then re-reading with a yellow highlighter that I had meant to gift my grand-daughter since it's recommended for kids when they travel. But she's too immersed in Lego world to miss it.

If you've followed me until this paragraph, it is clear that I'm practicing procrastination again, a bad habit of some who live by and with the word. So let me end with this Writing Goals Pyramid that I found in Pinterest. I intend to share it with my students next week, just to make them see that writing, like fashion, is "not for sissies" (thank you, Project Runway, for that line).
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