Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kimi and her writing muscles

I have a little folder in the family PC  that I have renamed "Inspirationals" from its former label of "Assorted". In it are images I like running on Preview mode from time to time when I'm stumped or when I'm blue or when I need a kick in the butt to begin something new: musical instruments, flowers, virtual birthday cards and reminders like this one from children's book author Jane Yolen. Ms. Yolen is a favorite of three women in the family: my daughter Kimi, my grand-daughter Kai, formerly Butones, and myself. Kimi is trying to complete Yolen's Dinosaur series.
In a way, Kimi is the one who adheres more to Ms. Yolen's advice because she puts in long hours before the computer writing hash tags, short, snappy descriptions for products and events, short essays on anything from foreign exchange to Father's Day sweepstakes. All in a day's work for a social media analyst. In other words, she's willing to take on subjects I can't imagine myself writing about even with a revolver pointed at my temple.

What's nice about Kimi is she knows to relax with her daughter. I'm always touched to the quick when I see Kai nuzzling her Mamay's chest--nanggigigil is the Filipino word for it. It's the daughter who does that, not the mother, even if Kai sees Kimi daily from the home office whose door is always open to let anyone in. There's a couch beside the working table, and I like to hang out there with Kai to look out the window to check how many white butterflies are flitting around the neighbor's bushes or to observe the other neighbor's cat sitting in the middle of the narrow road and sunning itself.

Rolly and I have grown to depend on Kimi to plan trips and itineraries for us on the rare occasion we go on family trips. She is so Net savvy that she knows where the budget hostels are, where to eat (value for money), etc. I once tried surveying budget inns in Singapore last year when Rolly and I visited the younger daughter, Ida, on her birthday weekend. Kimi was so aghast when she saw my list--she had run a quick check and came out with this finding: "Nanay, that's the red-light district!"

So here's to our dear Kimi who has to grasp and grapple with words daily to provide sufficiently for her daughter and who knows how to cherish a weekend with her old folks and her young 'un.

Happy birthday soon! Sorry I let the cat out of the bag.
Kai in deep thought with pen and pad paper ready while Kimi reads a message on her phone. Kai has picked up my favorite position when handwriting something, including the habit of rubbing her feet together.
Looks like Kai has hit her stride while Kimi looks up and flashes a relaxed smile. Taken at The Manor, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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