Thursday, January 3, 2013

By the Half-moon Driveway of the ICM House of Prayer

you can paint this sun-filled scene in viridian
   better yet drown it in a sea of ultramarine
throw in the marked pointedness of pine needles
   & shade the barks of trees with burnt sienna supreme
this rosebud here must have the blush of an infant's bottom
   that palm frond there can learn a lesson or two on stillness
as for that poinsettia petal, it wears too much lipstick
   bleed it some more till it yells "Pink!"
must the sky remain a cheery cerulean?
   can it not weep a moody indigo?
the twin cypresses cry with their prayerful branches
   can they not honeymoon by the hermitage instead?
what do you do when the words are not forthcoming?
   drain your mug of lukewarm coffee,
take twenty determined strides
   & step out into, onto, step on the garden.
-- Babeth Lolarga
First published in Baguio Calligraphy, edited by Francis C. Macansantos and Luchie B. Maranan (Anvil Publishing, Inc.), 2010.
Photos of Baguio by Babeth 
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