Friday, January 4, 2013

In love with the hunks of Mirador Hill

If I'm walking with a silly grin plastered on my face today, it's because Del Tolentino, kagalaang-galang na propesor ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, just sent me his New Year greetings with a photo of the kind of activities that happen in his tiny kitchen, drinking to everyone's health being the least harmless and most wholesome of them all.

Trust him to send me a message like:

"Happy New Year, Baboobska! Taking this opportunity to thank you for the links to your blog which I always enjoy reading. They say bloggers don't get laid, but I suppose that is no longer of any consequence. Cheers!"

Del Tole (left), he of the impishly smiling eyes, and his perfect foil, the always sober economist and wonderful piano accompanist Ben Tapang
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