Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ms. Butones of the tantalizing eyes

This space (this blog) is a good place to chillax while waiting for an interviewee to send in his replies to 14 questions, including follow-up ones. My eternal gratitude goes to the inventor of the World Wide Web and email for the convenience of interviewing subjects hundreds of miles away in geographical distance. This gap is easily bridged through email. Live interviews are always better because you can observe the facial reactions, even add small details like the get-up of the subject, follow-up questions can be asked immediately, but when one is out of town, this will have to do.

So while I am sitting and waiting and listening to my own YouTube shuffle, I've been looking and staring at some recent pics of The Apo (the grand-daughter Kai/Butones and my lakay, Grumpa/Tats Rolly). Butones is more aware when her picture is being taken and can choose to smile or not (her in-deep-thought pose). She's more confident about taking the stairs and uses it as a chance to practice counting.

Whether half-smile or full, hers can really mean a sunny day and lots of light inside of me despite the clouds outside. Have a good Sunday, Butones, and see you later after you come home from a school outing with your Mamay (not the lil one's school but the mother's).

Photos by Kimi Fernandez
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