Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dots and caps

It's nice to come home to Baguio and do some hugging: me hugging Kai/Butones while she hugs her new book, given by another lola from Antipolo whose thoughtfulness is bottomless--Lorna Kalaw Tirol.
Baguio in January is lovely--sunny with lots of hints of fog. Sometimes, the cold can get a bit much, but not for Butones who can still wear half-sleeved tops and a knitted owl cap to warm her head, while Booboo, back from the lowlands, is bundled in her turtle neck sweater (Luisa Igloria, wherever you are, thanks for the nice bottle-green sweats) and her favorite flowery bonnet knitted by a woman from La Trinidad, Benguet.
Instagram photos by Kimi Fernandez
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