Friday, January 11, 2013

Prettiest, happiest girls at SPC come Saturday

Gently, softly reminding the old girls of St. Paul College Quezon City, high school batch 1973, that
we're off to see the wizard of Oz on Saturday in our ruby slippers (don't take me, please, at face value on the shoe thing). Come home.

Expect something better than silver. Another memento from 15 years ago:
Bibit Esteva (left) with the two Marissas--Ileto and Medina
Meanwhile, the "Ruby-larians" of North America already gathered in the last quarter of 2012 to celebrate our jubilee in advance at a party, in all probability a series of parties, hosted by the mostest Celia Abaya at her grand Hathaway digs in the City of Angels. Some photos from that celebratory gathering:
Foodies all (seated, from left): Luz Acenas, Opel Orial, Suyin Sancho and Osang Villanueva. Standing are: Vivian Dunca, Celia Abaya, Bibit, Laura Orosa, Bonjet Tolentino, Rita Heimbrod, Bebet Ranillo and Pinky Icasiano

Lou Apostol, Rita  and Luz wear our anniversary colors.
From left: Bebet, Diday Roco, Viv, Lou, Celia, Pinky, Laura, Opel , Bibit, Suyin, Luz, Rita and Bonjet
Opel and Viv cuddling; behind them, Bibit
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