Monday, January 20, 2014

Even though you're far away

I used to hear the song "You Are Always in My Heart" a lot in those radio days of my childhood and youth. I think I also heard it from my mom who used to sing or hum it to a younger sibling whom she was trying to put to sleep. Another favorite lullaby of hers that my children were sung to was "Que Sera Sera."

The first song begins with these lyrics: "You are always in my heart / Even though you're far away / I can hear the music of / The song of love / I sang with you / You are always in my heart / And when skies above are grey / I remember that you care / And then and there / The sun breaks through."

So you see I've not forgotten although increasingly these days I've had memory lapses, but they have more to do with where I've lately misplaced my eyeglasses or a notebook full of reporter's notes that I need very badly to guide me in writing a story. Yeah, it's that bad, especially when I depend on those notes for what I call "hanapbuhay articles."

There's a pretty flower called forget me not, blue it is. It makes me wonder if it can be used as an amulet or talisman against the forgetfulness that comes with aging.

And when I forget, I simply pray, "Lord, help me remember where to find them."

I've been endlessly sweeping clean my online files, ensuring only the vital ones are retained. Today I found a letter from my youngest of two children, the overseas Filipino professional (OFP-- new acronym I thought of this moment). She sent me some photos last month. I dunno if she was the one who took this shot of a Chanel exhibit called "The Little Black Jacket" at Singapore's ArtScience Museum.

I did enjoy gazing at it again early today and wondering how my girl who's far away is doing. Take care of yourself, Ida Pooh. You are always remembered and in my heart.

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