Friday, January 10, 2014

Thrown back on a Thursday

It only took a 30-minute break from non-stop, online, work-from-home work for me to be thrown back to the '70s yesterday. That was the period when my cousins, my sister (and I who's not in the picture--thank goodness! I might have been the one pressing the button on a defective point-and-shoot camera that couldn't center the subjects which is just as well because my photog teacher, Tita Velasco Lim, later told the class not to center the human subject too much) regularly summered in Baguio. And we were barkada each to each.

O, di ba? Fashionistas, take note of what Baguio's Lower Brookside babes of the '70s were wearing. Photo most probably by Babeth

Where was I before I got infused with nostalgia?

Yah, I had to rest my eyes from the glare of the computer, went down to sip water, to eat some banana cue (leaving none for my brothers--belat!) before I turned on the TV to HBO's "Clear History," the last third of it.

Oh man! Larry David, you're THE man. To even use Chicago (the band's) hits from my era! Man, you saved my day. I'm so happy I can kiss you on the lips. So here: Mwah!

The Larry David character is third cousin to all of Woody Allen's neurotic leads. I luv that Mr. Allen uses a lot of jazz, blues and standards in his movies, but I loved Mr. Bird more in "Clear History" for including, among others, "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" and "If You Leave Me Now."

Oooooohhh woh, please don't go, I just want you to stay. That was the music we grooved to.

From Rachmaninoff to Chicago, and without a snooze on a working Thursday. Not bad, huh? Addicted to music--it's a hard habit to break. Being without it takes a lot of getting used to. Chicago would know.
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