Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday morning and thinking of another's journey

"Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey." - found quote in Twitter today

I need to apply this more when I read or listen to other people's stories, even if I'm exasperated at their choices, at their re-telling of their lives or their versions of events, their recounting of what had gone before. My partner likes to say these reflect how certain persons were raised. Or perhaps the set of values they were raised by--probably parents or elders who were always in awe of those who had more money, even if the means by which these people enriched themselves are questionable. (I hate those types, by the way.) I always like to ask, "What is the true measure of the person? Is it after taxes are deducted?"

It's beginning to dawn on me, while reviewing my Psychology 101 and swimming through self-help, self-knowledge books, that my own observations and experiences, such as they all are, will eventually lead to the time when I can gaze at an Other through uncolored, unfiltered eyes. Look, accept, even love. Do I have to become blind to do that? Hope not!

Depending on her mood for the day, The Button either faces or turns away from the camera. She has a long way to go on her life's path. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, Kai! Photo by Babeth the Booboo

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