Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you miss me the way I miss ya?

She had seven teeth when this was taken. She must have double that number by now. She likes the crunch of biscuits, the softness and moistness of cake, the soothing taste of her Mamay's milk. This is her happy, contented look after she has suckled to her little heart's content and is ready for adventure again or just wants to stay put, nestled under her mother's armpit.
That glare in her eyes only means how she dislikes being buckled up. Although we call the seat belts all kinds of funny names to lessen her protests, she won't be fooled. Even toddlers know what freedom of movement means.
She likes it when the dry laundry is brought in, and we begin to fold the clothes. She toys with the hangers and pins. When bored with them, she turns to the shorts and underwear and makes wonderful headdresses out of them.
Photos of Butones Fernandez by her Mamay Kimi
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