Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pasta, pizza and books

Here are two women still in their prime, still intact, their hunger not so evident, after more than an hour of rummaging through the shelves and piles of books at the Anvil warehouse sale.

I was P50 short, and Alma Miclat kindly lent me the money so I could go home with a bundle of book purchases, 12 in all, including board books, realistic books on safari animals and insects (all meant for my grand-daughter, a budding bookworm). The sale is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the last weekend of July. It was my second visit since last Saturday. I calculated, using my most elementary math, that I had saved my family more than P3,000 from the discounts. Of course, my partner in Baguio was quite pleased to learn how wisely I was spending our money.

Well, all that rummaging left our granny hands grimy with dust and made us ready for the hunger games. Good thing Barangay Kapitolyo, where the sale is going on, has a row of restaurants on East Capitol Drive that one can choose from.

I brought Alma to Poco Deli which isn't so poco anymore with an extension added to it. It still remains cozy. We enjoyed the pasta with truffle oil and the four-cheese pizza over conversation about the developments of our respective grandchildren. After all that talking, there were no leftovers!

So today at past nine, I'll be inside 107 West Capitol Drive again to return and pay for a reserved Filipino cultural dictionary that I realized would help me with the kind of work I do: writing and teaching.And exploring food places.

Too early for wine so Alma ordered a tall glass of freshly made iced tea
Super thin crust but filling
Split pasta
Ze blogger and ze still intact pizza

Photos by Babeth Lolarga and Alma Miclat
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