Thursday, July 5, 2012

A poet lives here

When the first early morning rains of June fell, I found myself in a crowded neighborhood in Mandaluyong City on my way on foot to a friend's house where we like to exercise together, meditate, then sit down for an unhurried breakfast of cereals with fresh fruit, yogurt and coffee.

I miss that friend now because she's out in London representing the county in a literary Olympics of sort called the Parnassus. It's the Greek mountain where the muses reside.

Manong Ed Maranan posted a link to a YouTube video showing what was dubbed a "poem-chopper" showering people below who were gathered in a London park with poems on paper. The same people went wild about the "confetti" as though it was money being thrown at them.

Anyway, about that June walk. I spotted these refreshing sights on my way to this friend's apartment. Even her small yard she has turned into something that reminds her of her Bohol roots--the evergreen countryside. The little touches she has arranged on her front yard alone declare gently that a poet lives inside.

Fire tree's last blossoms?
These buds must've have bloomed by now.
Bamboo, potted plants and mobile
Fairy and contra evil eye guard the place.
Detail from an outdoor mosaic table
Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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