Thursday, July 26, 2012

My little laundrette

So far this grandma hasn't gotten any feedback from blog visitors that they're suffering from  a Butones overload. In fact, I get email from abroad within the day of uploading photos. Cousins and in-laws are unanimous that the wee girl who likes to hang out in a sunny balcony when it's time to pin the laundry or take them down is a certified cutie. Of course, those people are partial. That's why they're called relatives!
Hey, are you sure that isn't one of your Booboo's gigantic panties?
She thinks, hmmm, this one's mine.
Definitely Booboo's. Eeek!
Do I get a prize for assisting?
Magic words: "Dede time!" No better prize than Mamay's milk.
Photos by Booboo
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