Saturday, July 7, 2012

Six more sleeps & I'll be seeing ya

Well, this darling whose smile can mean she's up to no good has learned to climb beds and couches to reach for things beyond her. In this case, the books her Tita Ida left behind, the ones she didn't give away to other small children when she grew up. So now Butones has found them to keep her settled and calm during her quiet time when her Mamay is busy working online in the same room. She must've outgrown her board books of Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, even the Adarna alphabet book that never fails to crack up another granny, Embeng, because in it, the letter U stand for unan (pillow).
Her Grandma Sue, my other sister, was surprised when she saw this picture--how scanty the everyday wear of her grand-niece. That's her usual indoor get-up: t-shirt and a modern cloth diaper. She manages to stay warm in them. The comforter she shares with her Mamay is all folded, and here she may be trying to get her mother's attention for a quick pick-me-up suckle. I miss giving her raspberry kisses on her tummy.
That's Iyah Ruiz on the right, our Baguio neighbor and playmate to Butones. They have play dates in the nursery where they're free to try all the toys and books and taught little by little to pack away. They enjoy their snacks or lunches together. We like having Iyah around because she speaks clearly, has a hearty appetite--both traits inspire Butones to talk more, eat more.
All Instagram photos by Kimi Fernandez
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