Monday, March 18, 2013

Crossing 100k means feeling grateful and humbled

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This blog (horrible way to start an entry, it's almost like beginning a book report/ review with the phrase "This book") quietly crossed 100k hits, oh, maybe a couple of hours ago while I was making the most of a day that was half-ruined by a village-wide brownout. 

The power didn't return until seven hours later by which time I had written a howdy letter to a niece, fixed my box of stationery inherited from a daughter who moved away, eaten half a sandwich and half a mango, drank a cup of coffee, put some order in my backpack before I go on a Dora Explorada trip again, read through a novel about books, Sheridan Hay's The Secret of Lost Things while making a mental note to give it to a bibliomaniac friend who lives in Mirador Hill, Baguio, removed stuff in the home-office drawer that I thought were too small and dangerous to be within a toddler's reach, turned these  over to my partner for safekeeping, listened to "April Child," composed by Moacir Santos, arranged by Vittor Santos and that is part of my collection...

Who cares about these activities? Just me and my 21 followers, I guess, but whoever came a-visiting while I was concerned with executing these everyday things makes me want to shout out loud, "Thank you!" Soon, maybe not too soon, blogs will be overtaken by a new means of self-expression that doesn't feel like over-disclosure or over-sharing (yup, I'm often guilty of that). Until then, I'll keep this blog going, maybe freshen up its look. 

Thank you again for dropping by.

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