Friday, March 8, 2013

Passion and Zest I Got Plenty

I love a woman
Whose conviction is
Like a flame in her heart
Of passion and zest for life...
--Roland Simbulan, "The Woman I Love", poem for partners in life & struggle & inspired by his wife Chit Estella

Josephine Wall's painting of a girl in a hat found in Google+
sometimes the formula 
for magic
or for average 
respect between 
two halves
can be 
boiled down to
eminem's recommendation:

"if you're nice to me,
i'll be nice to you
simple as that"

i tell the other/s who 
count 'emselves
to me
no, please,

i don't want a me
to be irrationally 
angry at dust 
o'er furniture
to panick o'er
a three-fourths empty

i don't want a me
to be this
creature out to please
outlaws & in-laws
or friends on 
their side
of the fence

even the ones
nice on the surface
these days they
actually keep 
agendas secret
ambition propels
'em ever upward

i don't want 'em
to be part of 
the essential me
the oh christ!
she can't bake a
tier of cake me
the one who asks
what future
can i create
out of a 
bumbling past
& evermore
incoherent present?

this will have to do
on this day of days
when violet
hints of violence

when intensity's
plenty can
be harnessed
& harvested
to light electric bulbs
to let loose
dammed dams

women like me
will flame & flower
with butterflies
& parasols
o'er our heads
if nicely put
are edited out
of agendas

from me
who thinks
what the world
needs now & tomorrow
is passion/heart/zest
to tilt the balance
in women's favor

'tis clear
i've had it
with pragmatic people
those who think
& act
with their heads

but the peace
has to be
so try &
be nice
to the others
us who think
& move with
zestful hearts

--Babeth Lolarga
March 8, 2011
11:46 a.m.

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