Sunday, March 3, 2013

Querubin's 'Terrain' at Ayala Museum

From the inbox, an announcement from Galeria Duemila:

Ayala Museum proudly presents "Terrain: The Works of Nelfa Querubin," an exhibition of impressive fine art ceramics, available for viewing March 5-April 28 at the museum’s Third Floor Glass Lane and Cross Stairs.

Amorphous, atypical and captivating, the works of Querubin break away from the mold of mainstream ceramic pottery and show a successful marriage of artisanship and artistry. Its geologic and earthen style is achieved using formulas Querubin personally concocted and techniques in firing with self-constructed kilns.

Environment plays a major role in Querubin’s creative process, both as sites of material resources and as a source of artistic inspiration. “My ceramic works are like organic shapes that reflect nature around me,” she explains. Having moved residences numerous times, from her hometown in Iloilo to her current one in Colorado, USA, the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding her are captured and re-interpreted in her works.

Querubin explains, “Colorado has a gorgeous landscape scenery: the changing season, the fantastic rock formation with exquisite textures and colors of different kinds. Those are the textures and forms in my works. My love of rocks, water and nature, I found it here abundantly.”

“But the Philippines is different in its own beauty and I kept coming back,” she adds, “I now have two kinds of roots in my heart… that shows in my ceramic works, the testament to my life.”

Querubin began her artistic career working and freelancing as an illustrator, architectural draftsman, cartographer, graphic designer and printmaker. She was introduced to ceramic pottery in the early 1970s and has since been active in the medium.

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