Sunday, March 17, 2013

My girls (or the sisterhood of the travelling sandals)

Being a believer in "inclusivity", I consider them all are my girls: daughters Kimi and Ida, their friends and the toddler who's been described by her mother as a swift temple runner. 

The older ones know how to work the Instagram. Fuddy duddy that I am, I think I have more than enough Net accounts to bother signing up for another so I just grab the photos as soon as I find time to sneak into their Instagrams for a quick peek. My latest viewing confirms my suspicion. They're way too busy relaxing to send a virtual "wish you were here" postcard. But I love how they're loving this summer and wearing its colors on their bodies and faces. 

By this time they should be considering taking the slow, slow boat home instead of the plane. While I'm in Baguio on a "staycation", let me remind them: Carpe diem!

 See you in a few, girls!

Butones wears her deceptively shy smile as she pauses from her temple run.
Half swathed in a towel, my Bit of Mango enjoys a mango macaroon.
The candy corn gang of Coco del Rosario, Marye Panganiban, Kimi, Butones and Ida
Mamay Kimi takes a cooling plunge.
Ida framed, the rice fields and coconut trees in the color of neon green
Ninang Coco (left) with Kimi, god-daughter Butones and Ida the Fair
Little Button in a white hat tries to figure out how boys turn play into real fishing.
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