Friday, March 22, 2013

If it ain't broke...

..why change it? Or even fix it? 

That question had been asked also of the refurbished Batmobile when it was George Clooney still playing the guy in the suit who sat behind the wheels of a super-powered car. 

My partner and foremost critic asked me that, too, as he tried to "navigate" his way through this blog's new look (or turbulent waters?) just this Tuesday after I came from a blogging workshop. He grew increasingly exasperated as he kept pressing the wrong buttons and found the visuals flip-flapping this way and that. 

"Why not?" I asked back of oh captain, my captain, and laughed as I showed him where to press the button so he could return to the Classic look that he's more comfy with.

There was a chance to choose one of many Dynamic looks, click on my choice and apply it to this blogspot. Thank you,teachers Padma Perez and Jenny Cariño, for showing me how. I didn't lose a file nor the blogs in my "play list."  The latter is some sort of procrastination station where I like to linger to read the works of fellow bloggers united in the word.

One of our new bloggers from Baguio, who prefers to remain anonymous in the meantime, has one about life's charms and challenges. I must admit to feeling charmed and enticed by the look of the blogs of radical chick Katrina Stuart Santiago and now/here/now/where woman Padma and even that art blog of a more senior writer, Alfredo "Ding" Roces.  

I told P how the look reminded me of a desk with many drawers that I can pull out, depending on what I fancied. Could be the wrong analogy, huh? Okay, maybe I should compare their respective blog's layout to a cabinet of wonders (thanks, Anita Feleo, for the use of your Anvil travel book's title).

I talk too much or over-think things when all I what I want to say is this: 
El Capitan looking forlorn
"Dear Captain RBF, we are missing you in the same way we conceitedly know that you are missing us, the girls in your life, because, well, we're away part or most of the time. Don't be glum, don't be blue, don't answer a simple text of  'How are you?' with 'Still breathing.' We all know what can put a smile on your face again. Just continue to breathe and eat and work and play with Yao Ming the Dog and spin the opera CDs you bought at a bargain bin, and we'll be there in no time at all, down to our last centavo, broke but back in your loving arms. Ha! Got you there." --(signed) Wanna-be dynamic blogger
With The Button who can put a smile back on his face
Photos of Rolly and Butones Fernandez by Babeth Lolarga
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