Saturday, March 2, 2013

Those who matter

Quote found in Google+
Sometimes the censor/s come from without, sometimes from within. Unless this blogging site disappears, I hope wee little winkee Butones brings with her, as she increases in size and discovers a wide and wider world, this essential lesson from Dr. Seuss--to be unafraid to be herself. 

Yup, it was through his books that I learned how to read. It is through his books (Mamay Kimi works to save up for them, buy at Book Sale branches one title at a time) that I hope Butones returns time and again for the essentials so she can fortify herself to just be herself and not find that being herself is a matter to apologize for. Confusing? Go ask the cat in the hat.
Fabulous at 6 a.m., newly risen from bed
No wilted lilies, these women in mah life, even at lunchtime     Photos by Booboo Babeth
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