Friday, March 22, 2013

Mila Aguilar's novel describes Mila Aguilar's novel thus: "A spoiled youngest daughter, M plunges headlong into the Philippine underground in the darkest years of martial law under the Marcos dictatorship. Then she discovers God.This book is a confessional. It is a novel of repentance, a novel of continuous and contiguous epiphanies, a novel celebrating life and death to self.A few months after finishing the novel, the author contracted cancer of the uterus. Would reading it reveal the complex reasons why?" 

To find out and to purchase the novel in its Kindle edition, visit  The cover was designed by Grace de Jesus Sievert. Grace also designed the cover of Mila's book of 101 poems, Chronicle of a Life Foretold (available in print edition at Popular Bookstore on Morato and Timog avenues, Quezon City, and Solidaridad Bookshop on P. Faura, Ermita, Manila).
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