Monday, December 10, 2012

356 political prisoners go on hunger strike

356 political prisoners go on hunger strike
that was the piece that won the chit estella journalism prize, print category.

thank you to the simbulan-estella families (the late chit was roland's wife), the u.p. department of journalism & vera files. mabuhay si chit estella!

to the philippine daily inquirer, it was great fun, but it was one of those things. i raise my glass of good cheer & wish thee another 27 years of being numero uno.

love & squalor,
your contributor since 1992 B-)

From left: Anonymous woman in dark Calvin Klein shades, cotton top, linen slacks and ergonomic working woman's shoes; Prof. Roland Simbulan; University of the Philippines President Alfredo Pascual who also happens to be an Upsilonian (woot! woot!); Dean Roland Tolentino of the UP College of Mass Communication; and Prof. Raul Pangalangan, former UP College of Law dean and the new publisher of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Photo courtesy of Vera Files/Yahoo Philippines

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