Friday, December 7, 2012

Awesome Joan

The blog called Awesome People Reading uploaded a photograph of Joan Didion with a ciggy. Usually, the blog features a personality (okay, a celebrity) in the act of reading, but Awesome People Reading made an exemption with Ms. Didion because she's Ms. D. Furthermore, it's her birthday.

I'm so so tempted to write before posting her photo: Ta da!!! This iconic woman sits on my shelf because of The White Album, The Year of Magical Thinking, Blue Nights, among some reasons. Because, in many ways, Rosario "Chato" Garcellano, my former editor at Manila Standard and The Sunday Times Magazine and current opinion editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer, is the person I imagine writing with a shot glass of brandy and a lighted cigarette (but she has since quit smoking) when I read, occasionally reread, Didion's prose.

Awesome People Reading ends with Ms. Didion's words: "Writers are always selling somebody out." 

So happy birthday, Ms. D, and have a good time in the salt mines on a Friday, Ms. G.

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