Friday, December 21, 2012

Big Mama Sez

"I think it’s nearly impossible to write something fictional without having it be about yourself in some way or another. My book could have been about any kind of addiction. But what I think makes food more compelling than other vices is that if you have a complicated relationship with it — and this could be on either end of the spectrum, you could eat too much or too little — you have to contend with it every single day, with every meal."--novelist Jami Attenberg in an interview with The New York Times
having  been a fattie
for much of my adult
life, i've learned to like
it, this whale-like blubber
that is my material self
no matter how unseemly
it is to the moral majority.
the layers of fat make for a soft
coat of armor that tells
the others indirectly, 
please, please,
do not approach me
to give a familiar
kiss on the cheek,
do not hug me.
here is my right hand
offered for firm
yet sincere handshakes.
besides, we're not
that close to exchange
kisses & hugs.
what evidence do we have
of shared intimacies or
even shared memories?
was there a trace of 
true camaraderie
in the first place?
so do me the favor
of standing back.
the elephants & the whales,
those gentle giants 
on earth,
in water,
now there's what i call
good company.
their examples
i try to emulate, not elude,
& those are
to cultivate a long memory
for hurts & distress,
to learn to swim away
at the first signal
of more dangerous

-Babeth Lolarga
Dec. 21, 2012
12.36 p.m.

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Photo of silly blogger on Santa's chair taken by Suzy Lolarga

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