Sunday, December 23, 2012

Someone's turn to miss his princess, Butones

Tatay/Grumpa Rolly's thought bubble: "Until Kai returns to Baguio, I'll continue to drink my Lights nightly. No ifs and buts."
Kai/Butones and her thought bubble: "Every time I look up, I think of my mountains. But please, Grumpa Tats, I wanna enjoy the city lights, the Christmas light shows. I wanna be spoiled by my other grandparents and my Papay. And I wanna wear summery outfits like this one which I can't up there. I'll join you soon. Don't get lonesome. I'll let you ride on my stuffed horsey and play with Barney in the nursery so you won't miss me too much."
Photos by EV Espiritu and Kimi Fernandez
Huge acrylic on wood painting behind Rolly by Booboo Babeth
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