Sunday, December 30, 2012

happy new you

Last year I more or less successfully adopted the disposition of Maxine. Although a cartoon character, she signifies for me THE woman with attitude. And as I slowly, surely move towards my 60s (barely three years to go), I've decided to shave off sweetness and in its place add more of the sour and the bitter for purposes of self-preservation. Such a revising of proportions for my imbalanced personality evens everything out. 

So as 2013 begins its own approach, I've resolved to adopt Aunty Acid until I discover another relative.
Adorable Maxine
Have your heard of my Aunty Social, too? Well, she has become a convenient relative whose unannounced presence is invoked whenever I get invited to socials, from exhibition openings to Christmas get-togethers, where feelings of perennial wallflower-ship are rekindled. Huwag na lang--my adolescence was hard enough as it was. I learned of Aunty Social's existence from a writer who has a disposition as close to mine. 

As for Aunty Acid, I got introduced to her by another friend on the day the world was supposed to end, Dec. 21, 2012. I asked her to stay and share bed space with me throughout 2013. Oh, yeah!

So expect a little more acid from this blogger, her way of coping with menopause and the vagaries of over-rated graceful aging:

Happy New Year to grumps, bitches, klutzes and, yes, sweeties (after all, I once was one).
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