Saturday, December 22, 2012

The end of the world as I experienced it

Once again, the doom's-day prophets amongst us have been proven false, the nay-sayers who, for once turned a negative prediction into something positive, like eating and drinking themselves merry while the world collapses, were also proven wrong.

What's certain is that a new year will unfold in a few days, barring further super-typhoons like Pablo, earthquakes, rebellions and revolutions, the massacre of the innocents here or in other parts of the world. "Turning a new leaf," "opening another window as God closes a door"--cliches though these may be, they acquire a personal poignancy for me.

God's mercy be upon all of us, especially the children, the sick, the lonely and the old, in this season of grace.

On a lighter note, this blogger decided that if God so willed the world's end yesterday, and He/She apparently moved the deadline, I could go about doing my Friday chores that included, among many, changing my grand-child Kai's cloth diaper filled with pee from the previous night while Mamay Kimi slept after doing overtime work from the house till 5 a.m. 

More workaday chores were done like trimming manuscripts down to its 800-word limit to earn some wherewithal for the New Year, composing a poem for this blog, meals in between, brief sing-alongs with the toddler and my sister Suzy (Kai's Granny Su), doing a bank transaction (one look at my new 'do with its touches of natural white and gray and the security guard allowed me to sit at a BDO branch where the staff attended to me as though I were already 60 and on remission from some form of CA), answering SMS from high school batch '73 of St. Paul College (now University) of Quezon City on preparations for our Ruby Jubilee (I like the rhyme in that phrase), buying rolls of toilet paper and a tube of toothpaste, scrap-booking, packing luggage for a Baguio Christmas, then heading off for the terminal to catch the 11 p.m. trip to the North.

One day started, one day ended without a hitch. A hitch would have been if I lost my temper over misplacing my eyeglasses or I'm pissed off with a bank teller who took his/her time processing my payment for a bus ticket, that sort. But none of that happened. After all, time for me is not just golden but a diamond, and life is shirt (deliberately misspelled word there).

There is much to be grateful for, chief of which is a beautiful life.

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