Monday, December 24, 2012

Though it has been said many times, many ways...

Merry Christmas to you, indeed. I like how photos of Christmas past have a timeless quality so even if our family pics this year are from December of 2005, the spirit with which our family greets everyone remains constant. 

There's a burning fire in the background like the one that fills our hearts. Here's a rare instance of togetherness in Green Valley where I'm relishing with open gladness the company of husband, daughters, mother, sisters, nieces, the collection of hats that add an "f" to "un." 

All over the living room are works of the late (how I hate that phrase! he lives, he lives!) sculptor Jerry Araos. We bought these pieces, patak-patak (installment) style, in the 1980s when Rolly and I were newlyweds.

One of Jerry's funny remarks that broke the ice as he and Rolly were having a loud argument at my parents' house in Pasig in 1984 while I was away in Mindanao was this: "Rolly, I only want you and Babeth to get married. It's so you can order your furniture from me!" In a way, that clinched it for Rolly.

What a beautiful time of the year this season is where it is possible for life, death and rebirth to happen in just 36 hours. In the year of our Lord 2012, we are more, we are more.
Clockwise from the little girl in a Batman t-shirt: Bianca and Marga Susi, Kimi and Rolly Fernandez, Suzy Lolarga, Pinky Lolarga Susi and Ida Fernandez
Same order with Bianca as reference: her Ate Marga, Kimi and Rolly Fernandez, Babeth, Suzy, mommy dear Nene Lolarga, Pinky and Ida
This time my youngest sister Gigi, the photographer, sets up the tripod so she can join the merry-makers.
Well, I've got to hand it to Rolly, he with the Vietnamese helmet, who loves to collect. His head coverings are put to very good use once a year (joke!). There I am holding a cube painted by Clairelynn Uy, perhaps an unconscious statement on my part that at heart, Rolly and I are a square couple (tee hee there). Here the laughter and smiles on our faces tell the world: "Spread the loving!"
Photos courtesy of Gigi Lolarga
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