Monday, November 12, 2012

Friends, Season 57

At 57, I find that I tear up more easily than when I was 27 or even 37 or yet again 47. Tears keep the eyes moist and refresh them.

Yesterday a friend texted to say she and her spouse were so moved by what I wrote about sculptor Jerry Araos that they both cried while reading the article. I asked half in jest if I had become a writer of tear-jerkers in my early dotage.

I became acutely more aware of the value of old friendships when some Paulinian classmates and I went about preparing a souvenir program for our ruby jubilee in January next year. Ties with classmates from as far back as kindergarten and prep were renewed. We got re-acquainted via email (I will forever be grateful to the inventor of the Internet); one even reminded me of my old letters in high school where I confided to her about my crush(es). I asked her to burn those!

As I try to make more space in my laptop so it can move faster and not stall because of large files, I rediscovered photos from 15 years ago in the company of my favorite life line: friends! I'm hoping to see these friends from childhood and girlhood again, wearing a touch of ruby red early next year.

High school class '73 of St. Paul College Quezon City at their silver jubilee and onstage at the SPCQ hall before it was demolished to give way to a new chapel and the James B. Reuter Auditorium (from left): Babeth, Lyn Sanchez, Miriam Gimenez, Pam Banez, Marianne Martin, Concept Zamora, Bibit Esteva, Punay Gonzales, Audrey Agatep, Vivian Dunca, Vicky Picardal, Jill Racela, Trollie del Mundo and Tochie Tongco. Back row: Laura Orosa and Marissa Ileto. Girls, I used your baptismal surnames. Haven't gotten around to memorizing the married names of many.
Here are more of us with our class advisor and high school principal Auguste Sarte, SPC, who loves us so much that she even traveled by ferry and overland from Polilio Islands, Quezon, where she was detailed in order to be with us. Front row from left:Marianne Martin, Tere Rey, Tess Monsalud, Ma-an Barin (+), Miriam Gimenez, Sister Auguste, Audrey Agatep,Trollie del Mundo, Ana Roces, Jill Racela, Gina Arnaldo. Second row: Joji Soriano, Tochie Tongco, Cory Amoyo, Grace Palma, Laura Orosa, Vicky Picardal, Pam Banez, Concept Zamora, Hayni Estrada, Lyn Sanchez and Marissa Ileto. Somewhere in the middle, same order:Vivian Dunca, Lulu Camello, Punay Gonzales, Bibit Esteva and Babeth.
Photos by Benjie Espartero

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