Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There's a Jar-jar in the house!

How birth and death are within a breath of each other. As I sat before my ye olde laptop composing a story about my late friend Enrico JL Manlapaz, Jared Franco Jorge Susi was being born at the old Polymedic Hospital in Mandaluyong City, the same birthplace of my two daughters, Kimi and Ida, and my first grand-niece Machiko Skye.

Pao-pao, by the way, is the eldest of three children of my sister Pinky and her husband Rod. Jar-jar's arrival makes Pinky and Rod twice blessed grandparents.
Jar-jar Susi's first photo in his mama's womb
Jared, or Jar-jar as I plan to call him (because we used to call his dad Juan Paolo Lolarga Susi by the nickname Pao-pao and his mom Janica Jorge is nicknamed Jaja), was born by Caesarean section and weighed in a hefty eight pounds. 
The new parents are standing at left (Pao-pao and Jaja) at Jar-jar's baby shower at Cab Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig.
Yesterday my family and I spent part of our respective SMS loads asking prayerful friends and family members to offer intentions and petitions so Jaja could have a safe delivery as she was brought to the hospital ahead of schedule.

Answered prayers! Thank you, merciful universe.

Our family is in the fullness of its blossoming, indeed.

Jar-jar, Pao-pao and Jaja's photos grabbed from Pao-pao's Facebook account. Flowers from Booboo Babeth's flower farm in the Internet

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