Monday, November 26, 2012

The color purple on a Monday morn

Sometimes one or two messages in the inbox can tell you right away that you're gonna have an extraordinarily good week. I woke to two such messages today in my email, all from my cousin-chum Allyn Valdellon Mendoza whom the Lolarga-Valdellon clan  affectionately calls The Purple Lady.

Below is her message with photos:

Greetings with flowers

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Erline Gmail

Attachment Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 6:24 AM
To: Babeth
Hi, Babeth,
How wonderful how you always remember us - we enjoy your blogs - the world is now smaller ika nga...
I was happy to see Monica Feria among the pictures. I also text'd you when I was with Chato two weekends again & she remembered enjoying Jackie Magno's singing. Chato also lent me her Joe Marie Chan CD called Souvenirs - we have been playing it at home - with Rudy singing along with the tunes - yellow days, again, moonlight serenade...
We had thanksgiving dinner here at the condo and I had fresh flowers for the occasion - I do not know what flowers these are - I sent Rudy to the store to bring back purple flowers.
Almost a tradition now, we go to Beng's after turkey day for more eats and Christmas tree decorating.
Till next time, take care.
As purple as ever,

After I read and responded to her note, she sent another picture, this time of a Christmas tree in her favorite color. She wrote about her grand-children's reaction, or non-reaction, to it: "Here is our new Christmas tree - the children have not asked why we have a purple tree - they just know that it is so."
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