Sunday, November 18, 2012

G'morning, Butones

When I saw this, I thought, "Oh my! She has learned my favorite position in bed (two pillows behind head) while reading or watching TV."
When her mother Kimi described this shot as Kai dancing, well, my next thought was she certainly got my own mom's love for the boogie.
By this time she should be able to count up to three or five and distinguish a few colors. When she was a baby, she always grabbed any purple toy and ignored the brighter red or yellow. What does that say about her?
If I'm posting one too many pictures of my grandchild, it must be because I am not with her--that is the painful truth.

But the Mamay of Butones has, when not too busy herself, captured the many moods of her daughter in Instagram. I tried opening an account there, but I couldn't figure out how the site works so daily I have to go to my Twitter to look for the latest pics of the cutest toddler in Green Valley Village, Baguio, bar none. 

In my last visit there, she had learned to greet the security guards, gardeners and other people she encounters on her morning walk with a gurgling "Good morning!" I guess that must really make those people's day. So g'morning, Butones, g'morning and my love to you.

Photos by Kimi Fernandez
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