Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's raining bibis

...and boy, are they growing so fast. All this grand-aunt can do is click away with her digicam to preserve precious moments. The eldest of the fourth-generation kids, Machiko Skye, was parked in Pasig recently while her mom Marga went to visit the latest addition to their branch of the family, Jar-jar Susi. Max, Machiko's nickname, is a polite kid who knows how to ask permission before she handles anything. She's also quite articulate at almost two years old, and I couldn't stop myself from giving her my birthday gift way in advance. 

Max sang one of my favorite songs from the '70s, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," that was taught to her by her Lolo Rod and Tita Bianca. Not much prompting needed--she remembers all the lyrics. 

So Granny Su (my sister Suzy) rewarded her with a made-in-Quezon bayong that she can take with her when she goes to the dry market section of the Masinag Public Market in Antipolo City with Wowa Pinky.

As for Jar-jar, I finally got to hold him yesterday but briefly because he let out a cry for milk and mother. Here are the bibis brightening our lives.
Max isn't in the mood to smile because it's past her bedtime. She's seated on a stool made by sculptor Jerry Araos.
Jar-jar's tongue is out, sure sign that he's hungry for breast milk.
Booboo gingerly carries Jar-jar who's about to protest.
Granny Su with (from left) Bianca, Max, new mama Jaja and Jar-jar
Most photos by Booboo Babeth
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