Monday, November 12, 2012

Pink with pleasure

She enjoys car rides so guess who came along for the trip to a flower farm? Kai, the Green Valley mascot herself, coincidentally dressed in the colors of hydrangeas about to turn pink and shod in her well-worn rubber shoes.
More than a week ago, I was still breathing mountain air. Since I returned to Metro Manila, I've been trying to avert another onset of a cold. Apart from mega doses of Vitamin C, I've added mangosteen and sambong supplements to my pre-breakfast ritual of downing staying-alive capsules.

But sometimes just gazing at family pics puts the pep back in my workaday existence. These shots I took from a visit to a flower farm.

Rolly was striding down too fast, determined as usual to get to our destination. I called out his name. He turned back. I told him earlier I wanted to do a story on the flower farm, on poinsettias in particular, because they are real signs of Christmas in the highlands. Plus I wanted to find myself in a sea of red blossoms. Wasn't it Audrey Hepburn who said, "If I get married, I want to be very married"?

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