Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vacay at John Hay

We loaded the car with throw pillows and two rolls of banig--we were planning to lie down on those mats after lunch at the camping grounds of Camp John Hay and let the family's toddler have the run of the grassy grounds. But our bundle never got unloaded. Instead, our mascot Kai/Butones and her elders ate and drank and walked around the camp all of yesterday afternoon till it was dark. Here are our post-Halloween, pre-Advent shots. Hurray for four-day weekends!
Exploring the Ayala Technohub's outdoors while her elders order Mexican food
Mamay Kimi walks outside the shops in the Technohub area...
...while Grumps enjoys his avocado ice cream cone from the Fruits in Ice Cream parlor.

With Nutcracker soldier
Father and daughter select the bread for Sunday's breakfast at Pan de Manila...
...while Kai cools off on the sidewalk.
Up up up and whee!
Strutting on The Manor's newly cut lawn
All balls are "boon" in toddler-speak.
The bibis meet again: Kai and her play date Sage with mom Lor
Mamay's shoulder is the best spot to rest...
...while Grumpa Rolly strolls outside The Forest Lodge.
Photos by Babeth Lolarga
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