Friday, November 16, 2012

Too busy to post anything new

I hate panic attacks, but they are slowly approaching as the weekend waltzes in. I owe my editors a total of six stories, all of which are still trapped in my notes, meaning, they still have to be transcribed, then the sentences have to be drafted, composed in a clear, coherent whole and proofread before emailing them to those concerned, apart from the responsibility, on my part, too, of identifying photos.

My former editor Vergel Santos said last night after seeing me take pictures at an event, "These days you cannot just be a journalist concerned about writing your story." He added that a journo's advantage is she or he can learn to take photos quickly. But it's a more difficult matter for a photographer to also learn to write the story for the photos she or he took.

Another colleague in this deadline-oriented profession, Pablo Tariman, likes to remind me when I rue aloud that I wish I had taken a masters in business administration instead of another degree in fine arts to add to my BA in journalism, "It's the only (good) thing we know how to do." The writing, he means, not the avocation of painting where I am still a newbie.

So today I am a unicorn that hopes my editors are likewise too busy to lean on me!

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